Bijoux by Anne - bijouterie française is a French handmade jewelry brand. It offers quality jewelry with high end materials and semi precious gemstones. The designs are one of a kind and in limited quantity to offer you unique pieces that you will be the only one to own. The pieces are colorful to uplift your spirit and to magnify your everyday or evening attire. 

Handmade with precious metals such as Sterling Silver and 14K Gold-Filled, your jewelry will not tarnish or flake. Wearing jewelry from Bijoux by Anne is an investment for years to come.

The metals are sourced in the Unites States where the patent is held. The gemstones are sourced in The United Stated and in India with beautiful cuts and shapes.

All my jewelry is stamped with my makers mark to ensure its authenticity. 

About the creator

Hello ! my name is Anne and I founded Bijoux by Anne - bijouterie française in 2019. I wanted to create a brand name that both French and English speakers would understand.

I lived in the United States when I was a child and English became my second language. Years later, I worked for 18 years as an Assistant until I was diagnosed with MS. This was a life changing experience which made me reassess my life. I didn't want to go back to my "normal" life working in an office. I knew I wanted to do something else and feel fulfilled doing what I love.

Back in 2013, I had started exploring how to make jewelry for myself. Beginning by making brass earrings, I wanted to take my skills to a more challenging level. One day, I stumbled upon the "wire wrapping" technique on Youtube. I instantly fell in love with it and I never strayed away from this technique. I self-taught how to make my own jewelry entirely by combining wired wire with semi precious stones. I make everything from scratch: from the ear hooks, to the wrapping of stones, to the design of the patterns, like hoops for example. It was at this point that entrepreneurship resonated with me and I decided to start my small business.

Creativity gave me a new life purpose. Beind diagnosed with multiple sclerosis put things back in perspective and made me discover this passion for jewelry making.

Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

Handmade jewelry - Bijoux by Anne