Blue Chalcedony and Tourmaline Cluster Earrings in Silver

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Elevate your everyday outfit with these vibrant Sterling Silver Blue Chalcedony and Pink Tourmaline Cluster Earrings. Whether you’re going to the office or on a Sunday brunch, these earrings give off an instant glamour look! Expect to turn heads wherever you go. This pair is also perfect for fancier attire. Dress it up by matching it with a glam dress & makeup. 

Curious about the gemstones? You’ll be glad to know that Blue Chalcedony promotes compassion and kindness, bringing your emotions into a balanced state. The Pink Tourmaline complements that by fostering hope, comfort, joy and a cheerful mindset.

Quick product features:

  • 100% brand new, high-quality and Sterling silver cluster earrings
  • 100% handmade with supreme care 
  • 100% genuine gemstones
  • Stamped jewellery pieces to ensure authenticity 
  • Measurements: Length per earring: 4 cm, Weight per earring: 1 gram, Chalcedony size: 10x20mm, Tourmaline size: 4mm
  • Packaging includes a gold box and jewellery polishing cloth

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