Lithotherapy - The benefits of stones

What is lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is a holistic approach which involves working with crystals to improve your physical and mental health, your emotion well-being and spiritual development. It is not a substitute for conventional medicine but is a natural approach which can treat physical and emotional pain. We will study here the benefits that stones bring on a daily basis; 



Amethyst: This stone amplifies the energy of other crystals. It is effective for general protection, and for physical, emotional and mental balance. It promotes decision making abilities, wealth and success in business, as well as growth in life.

Colors: purple, pink and green

Lapis Lazuli: Stone of "comfort", this gemstone brings vitality, wisdom, mental resistance and promotes creative expression. On an emotional level, Lapis Lazuli helps to overcome depression.
Color: indigo blue with calcite and pyrite flakes



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