Buying Handmade Jewelry as a Gift

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry has always been considered to be more precious, unique, meaningful, and genuine than mass-produced jewelry available on the market. Handcrafted products are a thing that gives great joy possession because you know you are unlikely to find anyone that carries what you own.

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry is rare

A Jeweler or a big manufacturer is mostly interested in crafting many different chunks that are furthermore fabricated to create one piece of jewelry so they make it in mass-production. A Handcrafter, on the other hand, makes the whole jewelry from scratch, putting its talent into creating a masterwork. That's why it can not be produced in huge quantities, thus each piece is one of a kind.

The Gemstones and Metal Used are Ethically Sourced

Most crafters are selective when it comes to sourcing their elements. They spare tons of their precious time seeking for the best quality raw material. I know that it took me many months to find the suppliers that I really trusted and who delivered quality and perfect gemstones. I am still on the hunt for new suppliers so I can offer more variety. When it came to selecting the Metals, it took me longer because I needed to find suppliers based in France or other european countries so I could expect prompt delivery and decent shipping rates. 

Choosing a Handmade jewelry as a gift is a present for any occasion

Gifting a Handmade Jewelry shows how much a person took the time to search for a meaningful present. They didn't just drop in a store to find any jewelry. They took the time to find the piece of jewelry that best represents the person they care for and that is a big deal. Not only will handmade gemstone jewelry make a unique gift but it can be personalized to fit a special event. For example, if a special someone is born in January, you know that a Garnet piece of jewelry will make a great birthday present because the January birthstone is Garnet. Gemstone jewelry has so many symbolic meanings that you can never go wrong. You can also gift a gemstone jewelry based on the person's favorite color. The opportunities are endless.

Some Pieces come with a Fascinating Backstory

Most handcrafted pieces of jewelry can have a fascinating backstory. A pair of gold-filled earrings, for example, can be passed down generations in the family without failing its longevity and appeal. That is why we also call them "Heirloom jewelry". They are crafted for special occasions such as a wedding or special birthdays. They showcase family bonds and history, tying each generation to the stories of the previous. That is priceless.